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Inclusive Leadership Coaching:

Achieve your leadership goals

Black and white image of Cath Blayney, Executive coach

Meet Cath

I consider my approach to coaching to be systemic eclectic – every client, conversation and journey is unique, and this notion is at the heart of my coaching practice. My goal is for our partnership to be highly enabling, where we create a thinking environment, a safe space without judgement, that allows clients to think clearly, identify solutions and challenge limiting assumptions.

My passion for inclusion means that I recognise and value each client’s individual journey and I adapt my approach to suit their needs, including using tools and techniques from models grounded in psychological theory.


I particularly seek to support those from marginalised groups, to help them to understand the ‘self’ that they bring to different situations and how they might use this increased self-awareness to overcome barriers and achieve their personal or professional goals.


I consider myself to be anti-racist and I am committed to creating an anti-racist coaching culture both with my clients and in the wider coaching environment.


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Client Testimonials

"I always thought I knew what effective coaching looked like until I worked with Cath. Her ability to always ask the right questions at the right time to get me to uncover deeper issues is so powerful, and I always leave our sessions ready to take action"

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

"Within a few seconds of speaking to Cath I find myself sharing my true thoughts. I feel relaxed, and comfortable but also challenged to look at things differently. Cath is able to get me to view situations almost from an external lens which I have felt is really helpful... I find myself reflecting on what we discussed for weeks after the session and can see the benefits daily in my behaviour in the work place."

Recruitment Business Partner

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